Welcome Undergraduates!

Welcome to the site for the Public Health Scholar Bowl!  This event serves as an opportunity to participate in a fun and challenging competition, meet students from other schools, network with graduate study programs, and win cash prizes!

Who: All undergraduate students who are passionate about public health

What: Public Health Undergraduate Scholar Bowl

Where: Saint Louis University – St. Louis, Missouri

When: Friday, April 11 – Sunday, April 13, 2014

Why:  Get recognition for your team and school, explore a new city, network with other students and graduate study programs, be a part of something new, Win Cash Prizes!

Check out more info on the competition here


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From checking out the bird’s eye view from the Gateway Arch, enjoying peanuts at a Cardinal’s game, visiting the exotic creatures at the zoo, or experiencing the culture at Forest Park, discover the fun activities and learn more about the the city of St. Louis!

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