Who is eligible to participate?

All undergraduate students are eligible to participate.  They must be a member of a team comprised of students from the same college/university.

What if I have not had a lot of public health classes/experiences?

The questions in the public health trivia challenge will come from the 5 core areas of public health undergraduate study.  The competition does not require each individual to be well versed in all 5 areas but to be knowledgeable about at least one of the areas.  The case study proposals will be best if they are comprehensive across the five areas as well.

Does a faculty/staff member need to attend with their students?

We encourage faculty and staff members to travel with students and attend the scholar bowl but it is not a requirement for participation.

Are there prizes?

Yes!  First and second place winners will receive a cash prize in both the case study presentation and public health trivia challenge competition.

Can non-participating students or faculty/staff help with the case study?

The case study is to be worked on by the members of the team that registered only.

Do we have to come in groups of four?

We recommend teams be made up of 4-6 students.  In the public health trivia challenge competition only 5 members can participate at one time.  To get more people involved, however, members are allowed to rotate throughout the tournament.


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