The Public Health Scholar Bowl is a 2-part competition including a Trivia Challenge and a Case Study Presentation. Each part of the competition has its own rules and regulations.

Public Health Trivia Challenge

For the Trivia Challenge, teams face off head to head for a series of questions. Each team is comprised of students from one school, with 5 members playing at a time.

2013 Scholar Bowl 0015

Any undergraduate student is eligible to participate. Students enrolled in an undergraduate degree program related to public health are especially encouraged to attend.

During the matches,  questions will be read by moderators.  The first team to buzz in and answer the question correctly earns points for that question. The team that earns the most points during each question round will advance in the bracket.

Case Study

Teams for the Case Study Presentation are also made up of undergraduate students from one school. The Case Study and the Trivia teams may be comprised of the same students or schools may choose to send different students for each.

Teams that enter the case study competition will receive a case to solve three weeks prior to the competition.  During those weeks, each team will put together an electronic presentation (PowerPoint, Prezi, etc) on the case study.  On the day of the event, teams will anonymously present their presentation to a set of judges, who will use rubrics and their public health knowledge to decide the winners.

Teams that sign up after the case study is sent out, but before the final registration deadline of March 27, will receive the case study within one business day of registration.


For more information about the Trivia Challenge and Case Study, check out the competition manual from the 2014 Public Health Scholar Bowl!*


 * Please note: Rules and regulations are subject to change for future Undergraduate Public Health Scholar Bowls based on feedback from participants.

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